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  • Standard Sweep – £50.  Recommended for appliances that are known by the homeowner.  This includes an exterior inspection from the ground, Sweeping of the flue way and inspection of the appliance for safety and compliance, type 2 smoke evacuation test, check the carbon monoxide alarm, report findings.


  • Inglenooks from £75– As above –Take a lot longer due to size as well as more sheeting and clearing up involved.

  • OFTEC registered Installations of new appliances and chimney relining –Please ask for a quote

INSPECTIONS –please note any repairs arising from inspections must be completed before the chimney and appliance are used again.


  • Level 1 inspection - £60 –Recommended for homeowners and landlords. This includes a check of the audit trail for compliance certificate (data plate, previous service record). An exterior inspection from the ground. Inspection of the appliance for safety and compliance. Sweeping of the flue way and examination of the debris. CCTV camera inspection and type 2 smoke evacuation test.  Check ventilation, carbon monoxide alarm and fuel. Report findings

  • Level 2 inspection - £200 –Recommended at the change of ownership or new instruction, for party wall disagreements, after a catastrophic event such as a chimney fire or house fire, and for structural refurbishment. At the request of an EHO, LABC or insurance company. This is an in-depth safety inspection.  As per the level 1 inspection plus –Inspect the complete exterior from ladders/scaffold/adjoining properties (if equipment other than ladders are needed this will cost extra). Type 1 smoke/leakage test, which tests the integrity of the entire flue instead of just the draw. Full camera inspection. Provided that the chimney and appliance are in useable condition, the appliance will be recommissioned for use. Report findings.

  • Level 3 Inspection - Needs quoting for as each inspection will have different needs –Recommended if failures and faults on a level 2 inspection cannot be successfully identified. At the request of EHO, LABC or insurance. Level 3 inspections need quoting as each property’s needs will be different. This inspection is very specific to the individual property, it includes everything in a level 2 inspection and may also include making an opening into the chimney for identification of faults. This can include removal of the register plate where fitted and/or boxing in/covering around chimney. Remove terminal and or chimney pot if necessary. Damage that would be caused and repair options would be discussed with the customer at the time. Once complete a full report into the findings will be issued.

  • Birds Nest removal -£80 for the first hour then £30p/h after.


  • Supply and fit -Cowls –from £110


  • Carbon monoxide alarms -£20


  • Basic CCTV inspections –£60–Recommended prior to a stove installation or new liner installation–Includes a sweep. 


  • Advanced CCTV inspection £120–In depth inspection of the flue with written report and pictures of any findings.  Usually used if damage to the chimney/flue is suspected. 


  • Stove and fireplace maintenance –Please ask for a quote.

If you can't see what you're looking for, please call us for a quote

Discounts available for multiple chimneys, or if 3 or more people in the same street have work done on the same day.

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